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Why I Support SECET
Sponsors of the Newsletter explain...

Spring, 2004
Brad and Sharon Robinson are the proprietors of Akwell Auto Wreckers, 21 Concorde Way Bomaderry (44218077). They are also the parents of four children; three of whom attended Nowra High, and the fourth who is currently at Shoalhaven High.

We consider that in today’s education system, teaching and attitudes reflect secular values and lifestyle.

SECET teachers have become front line missionaries in a field of needy and impressionable teenagers. With the Bible as their text book, these teachers are able to present Christ, and through discussion make His teaching relevant in today’s society for a better way of life.

For many of these students SECET is the only contact they have with Christian teaching and the only place they will hear of an alternative to the general acceptance of drugs and immorality. These Christian teachers are there for the kids when they need someone to talk to and to encourage them through troubled times.

SECET has made it possible for Christian teachers to be in key positions, to be available to students and to be a positive influence in their lives.

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Winter 2004

Ian Strathie is the proprietor of Wray Owen Funerals, 50 North Street Nowra (4423 2333), sponsors of the printing of this issue of the SECET Newsletter. He explained why he supports SECET.

When I worked as an instructor at HMAS Albatross I was impressed by a quote from Galileo, “I can’t teach you anything; I can only show you”.

In today’s world it is no less important that our young people have good role models. The SECET teachers, visitors to their classes and Christian young people in the schools are essential role models for the students in our state high schools.

They are there not only to teach but to demonstrate the good, the best and the right. If the students are to learn from them their heart and head must be open to what they hear and see.

The Bible teaches us that we should pray for our leaders, be they leaders of our country, our churches or organisations such as SECET. It is these prayers which determine the nature of our community, our churches and other organisations.

We must not rely on others to carry the load. Sometimes it seems a lonely job to persevere, but we are not alone - there are always others joining us, not seen but there nonetheless.

We don’t just stand behind people who need support - we stand beside them.

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Autumn 2004

Ken Clifton of Clifton Professional Accountants, (02 4421 5866) sponsors of the printing of this issue of the newsletter, explains why he always supports SECET and encourages all Christians to do so.

Although I went weekly to Sunday School then Church, I stopped attending church at age 20 as God was never actually “real” to me; as a result my children were never taught about Jesus at home.

My oldest child, Shane, started believing in Jesus/God from age 6 due to School Scripture and always prayed and believed, until he went to High School, where the science teacher and the evolution lessons (taught as fact, not as a theory) caused him to disbelieve. I vividly recall how upset my (then) atheist wife Olga was, that the teacher was able to change Shane’s long held views on God, so quickly and completely.

Fortunately I was born again in 1986 quickly followed by my whole family. Shane is now a Bible College lecturer, Troy is youth pastor at COC, Kurt is a youth leader at the Baptist Church, Olga is in the music team and I am teaching new Christians. We are currently praying for family who have walked away and who firmly believe evolution proves there is no God.

With the SECET teachers there in the schools to give the truth about Scripture and evolution and to teach of God’s great love in giving his only Son Jesus, now at least the students are getting a balanced view. The great many high school students attending our COC church every week (whose parents are not church goers) is testimony to the effectiveness of the work of SECET.

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Summer 2003

Simon Apperley of Watkinson Apperley (Surveyors, Engineers & Town Planners), sponsors of the printing of this issue of the newsletter, explains why he supports SECET.

Watkinson Apperley thanks the teachers employed by SECET who have shown sacrifice and commitment over a period of time to the establishment of Scripture education in local high schools.

It is great to see their dedication to God, the school and the students. The youth of today are bombarded by all kinds of immoral and disruptive images by the media.

A sound platform for the discussion of moral and ethics in the light of God’s grace is important for the development of local high school students.

We all have spiritual needs even in this “information age” and SECET provides a means of staying in touch with the youth of today.

We find SECET being a unifying concept bringing together the local churches and individuals in reaching out and not forgetting the potential that exists in tomorrow’s leaders.

We look forward to SECET having a successful 2004 in serving our Lord Jesus Christ and doing the will of God.

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Spring 2003

Wayne Adams of Real Aussie Sheds, sponsors of the printing of this issue of the newsletter, explains why he supports SECET.

Real Aussie Sheds is a family business operated by the Saunig and Adams families. Both John and Wayne believe that mission work starts at home. At Real Aussie Sheds we try to employ brothers and sisters in Christ where possible.

How lucky are we to have SECET ministering to and evangelising our local children. What more worthwhile endeavour can there be to have all our High School students hear and with God’s help accept the Truth which can ultimately set them free?

To have our young people know and come to Christ can have a far reaching impact. You only have to look to your local Church to see the young families growing together in Christ.

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Winter 2003

Ross Dixon is a Partner with Morton and Harris, Solicitors of Kinghorne St Nowra, sponsors of the printing of this issue of the newsletter. He explains why he supports SECET

How do you reach out and present the gospel to a group of teenagers who don’t know that Jesus was a person, that Christmas and Easter are celebrations of His birth, death and resurrection, that know nothing of the Bible and the basis He has taught us for living? In the Shoalhaven we have the God given opportunity to reach out and do just that through the work of SECET.

Our “missionary” teachers are evangelising the teenagers of the Shoalhaven. I can think of no more effective programme. Just think of it. Every student that has been through our High Schools has heard the gospel presented in a credible, consistent, reliable ongoing programme. They have heard this through our teachers who, because of the support of SECET, are able to be there for the long haul, day after day, term after term, as an integral part of the School’s programme.

I see this as cutting edge work.

Today I played soccer in a match between “the Church” and “the Youth Group”. I literally bumped into a young man who at the beginning of the year was nowhere and today, because of the work of God through SECET, is one of His children. That is why I support SECET.

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