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Mark Your Special Day

With a budget of $360,000 to employ 4 full-time and 3 part-time Scripture teachers in 4 of our local State High Schools, SECET needs $1,000 per day.
Which day do you want to sponsor?

If only 365 supporters each sponsored 1 day of the year with a donation of $1,000 our budget would be fully met!

  • Pick the day of the year which is special to you -
    a wedding anniversary, a birthday, a memorial day
  • Commit to a donation to SECET of $1,000 per year (which may be paid in installments)
  • Tell us how you would like us to Mark off your Special Day.
  • Pray for the students and teachers.
Download a copy of the Special Day leaflet (900KB)
specialday (13K)
We will share your day with you by sending you an appropriate card or letter, and by listing it amongst our Special Days below...
27 May is special to Gwenda: it is the anniversary of the day she was baptised
2 Jun is special to Trish - it is in memory of her husband and brings "Memories of love"
9 Jun is special to Matt Grootenboer because at last he has beaten Andrew Brown on the tennis court.
11 Jun is special because it is John and Jan's Wedding Anniversary
24 Jul is special to Rosalea & Don because it is their Wedding Anniversary
19 Jul St Peters Shoalhaven Heads Friday Bible Study groups remember this is the date the IRA renounced violence
23 Sep is special for Wendy and Trevor
19 Nov is special for Mrs Effie Berry. It is the Remembrance Day for HMAS Sydney
25 Dec Rejoicing in the birth of the Christ Child a grandparent gives thanks for the joy of each baby born into the family.
14 Jan is special for Ken & Elizabeth because
it's Ken's mother's & Elizabeth's father's birthday
it's their granddaughter, Lily Rose's birthday
it's their wedding anniversary
1 May is special to Lea and Hilton - they name it "Princess Lea"
Contact us to ask for more information and Mark your Special Day, or if you want the wording of your entry changed.

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